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Lawton - Ft. Sill Regional Airport


Name of The Site: Airport Industrial Park


Size of the Total Site: 70+ acres available - Can be subdivided


Location (Miles, Direction) of the Site Relative to the City's CBD
The Central Business District of the City of Lawton is located south of Gore Boulevard between 2nd Street and 11th Street. The proposed site is located approximately 4 miles south.
4. Owner of the Site:

Organization Name -The Lawton Industrial Foundation

Address - PO Box 1376 Lawton Ok 73502

Telephone number - (580) 355-3541

Facsimile number - (580) 357-3642

Individual contact -
Court Newkirk, Director of Economic Development
Keith O. Bridges, Director of Business Recruitment

5. General Topography of the Site: Flat
6. Site within City's Corporate limits: Yes
7. Site Subject to Flooding: No.  The site is not within a flood plain area
8. Uses of the Surrounding Contiguous Areas:
East - Interstate 44
West - Lawton Fort Sill Regional Airport
North - Agricultural
South - State highway
9. The Proposed Site's Previous Land Use: Agricultural
10. Completed Environmental Audit on the Site:
Not site specific.  Environmental audits have been conducted on surrounding tracts in the Park
11. Transportation Accessibility:
A. Highway -
Interstate 44 is located immediately to the east. Ramp access to the site is located in the immediate vicinity. US Highway 277 (South 11th Street) is adjacent to the tract. US Highway 62 is located approximately 2 miles north.
B. Nearest commercial airport
1. Name = Lawton Fort Sill Regional Airport
2. Location  = Lawton Fort Sill
3. Distance = 1/2 mile contiguous
12. Existing On-Site Easements (locations & specifics):
A. Utility - Sewer is located on the tract.
B. Road - None
C. Railroad - None
13. Present Zoning:
Industrial (1-4)
Zoning Change To Be Required: No
14. Ownership/Transferability of Mineral Rights: NA
15. Utilities Available:
A. Water
  1. Source of supply = City of Lawton
2. Line Size = 28"
3. Location of line = East Site of South 11th Street
B. Sewer
  1. Source of supply = City of Lawton
2. Line Size = 10"
3. Location of line = On site
4. Limitation on use =
___ domestic only
_X_ pre-treated process and domestic

5. Storm drainage =
___ surface drainage only
_X_ surface and storm drainage
C. Electric Power
  1. Source of supply = Public Service Company of Oklahoma
2. Specifications of power available = 13,2000 volts Three Phase
3. Transmission __X__  Distribution __X__
D. Natural Gas
1. Source of supply = Reliant Energy, Formerly known as Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company (ARKLA)
  2. Serve Line = 6 inch ; pressure = 125 psi
3. Location of line = On-Site
16. Other Services At The Site:
A. Telephone (name) - Southwestern Bell Telephone Company.
B. Refuse collection - Provided by the City of Lawton/Fort Sill
C. Police protection - Provided by the City of Lawton/Fort Sill
D. Fire protection - Provided by the City of Lawton/Fort Sill
Fire Insurance Class Rating at the Site = 4
17. Applicable Effective Property Tax Rate At This Site:
A. Facility and site -  $72.17/$1,000 value.
B. Production and equipment  -  $72.17/$1,000 value.


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